Rick's Cabaret/NYC Entertainers Strip Off For Giants During Three Day "Big Game Weekend" Celebration, Starting February 3rd With "Kick-Off" Party Hosted by Howard Stern Character "Ronnie The Limo Driver"

NEW YORK CITY – (January 30, 2012) -- The topless entertainers at Rick’s Cabaret/NYC are prepared to cheer on their beloved New York Giants when they play the New England Patriots in the big game February 5th. But not before Howard Stern Show character Ronnie “The Limo Driver” Mund pumps up the crowd at an open-to-the-public party starting at 8 p.m. Friday night, February 3rd, to kick off the Big Game weekend. The club is part of the Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ:RICK) group of upscale gentlemen’s clubs around the country.

“For the past two weeks some of the entertainers have been starting their routines wearing an over-sized Eli Manning #10 jersey and little else, but they quickly get down to the ‘little else’ stage after a shout out for the Giants,” says Ken Sistrunk, general manager of Rick’s Cabaret/NYC at 50 West 33rd Street across from the Empire State Building.

“And we’re planning for a big blast on Friday night starting at 8 o’clock because Ronnie is always a popular attraction whenever he appears at one of our clubs,” Mr. Sistrunk added. “There’s a lot of energy in the club this week and our girls are 100 percent behind the Giants.”

Mr. Sistrunk said the Giants-Patriots game itself and all pre-and post-game shows will be beamed from huge television screens on the walls of each of the club’s three floors.

About Rick’s Cabaret/NYC: Located at 50 West 33rd Street across from the Empire State Building and down the street from Madison Square Garden. Playboy.com calls it “the #1 strip club in New York City.” Open until 4 a.m. daily, Rick’s has a Zagat-rated steak house, VIP lounge and three floors of non-stop entertainment. Visit http://www.ricksnewyork.com / or call 212-372-0850.

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